What if you had a tool that could give you indicators about how well your building is meeting occupants’ needs and facilitate communication about your building’s performance?
How can you tell if you are striking the right balance between managing square meters and providing comfortable, attractive workspaces?
Would you like to give your employees a tool that lets them find the nearest available workspace to meet their immediate needs is in real time?

Transform Together:Looking at the work environment from a whole new angle

Today’s global business environment is uncertain, volatile, and complex. As a result, our workspaces—commercial buildings—are undergoing some profound changes.
CSM developed Transform Together to help you keep pace with this changing landscape. Transform Together is designed to meet new and emerging demands on our workspaces. The solution is easy to use and flexible to help you boost performance and control costs.Wherever you are in your building’s lifecycle—pre-project, project implementation, or operation—we have a solution right-sized for your needs.
Used in


European countries
More than

140 000 sq.m

equipped with

Transform Together

Planned investments of

€10 million

over three years