Which stage

in the building lifecycle best describes your project?


At the pre-project stage you are thinking ahead: Maybe you are planning to reorganize your workspace or move to a new location, or perhaps your lease is ending and you would like to get a more accurate idea of your needs to determine what is next and how to best meet the needs of your organization, business, and ways of working.

In other words, you need metrics to right-size your project.
- Short-term rental of our solution, from two weeks to three months, with coverage of the entire building or an area large enough to give an accurate representation of the entire building


At the project implementation stage, you have already made the decision to reorganize or remodel your existing workspace or move to a new space. This is the time to equip your new space with a management system that can be used by all stakeholders; not only management and facilities, but also HR to ensure that employees have a satisfactory work environment.
At this stage, you need metrics to visualize your workspace’s future reality and plan ahead for future changes.
- Purchase or long-term lease (three to five years)


Your workspace is up and running and you must ensure that it responds to a variety of needs. Which means that you have to make decisions and have information to back them up. And agility is the key to maintaining performance.
To facilitate communication between all stakeholders, you need information that is easy to understand and share, and within a limited budget. You know that it is time to implement a solution, but you are reluctant to invest.
Option 1: Implement our solution on a test basis in a smaller area of your workspace (one to three floors) that includes workstations, conference rooms, hot-desking offices, etc. (around 200 sensors).Objective: Try the solution out on a smaller area to see the benefits. Option 2: Test the solution on all common areas of your workspace (conference rooms, hot-desking offices, etc.), but not on workstations. For both options, we offer rental contracts from six months to two years, the time it takes to adopt and experiment with the solution and see the benefits.
You are ready to implement an innovative solution that is quick and easy to install
- Purchase or long-term rental with the option of gradual implementation at your pace