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When it comes to managing and optimizing the use of your workspaces, CSM is your partner. Our innovative solutions can help you strike the right balance between optimal usage of your workspaces and working conditions.

CSM is a team of senior workplace and HR specialists brining more than 20 years of experience. CSM has the solutions you need to respond to emerging workspace management challenges. We can help make your workspaces more agile, digital, and attractive to employees while saving you money.

Our advanced, connected SaaS solutions are ideal for all commercial buildings, whether existing or new-builds. The strength of our Transform Together software lies in powerful algorithms that process workspace usage data. The solution is built on IoT devices (powerful connected sensors), business-specific algorithms that leverage collective intelligence, interactive KPIs, and a range of features that include simulation and forecasting capabilities. With headquarters in Paris, France, CSM currently employs around 20 people and works closely with a network of partners. Transform Together was released in March 2017. To date, more than 140,000 sq. m in five European countries have been equipped with the solution.

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CSM offers simple, cost-competitive solutions based on collective intelligence to support business transformation projects, enhance working conditions, and improve workspace management. We constantly improve our solutions to bring you even greater performance and simplicity.


At CSM, we strive to strike the ideal balance between:• Effective management of square meterage and occupants’ needs• Shared workspaces and employees’ sense of ownership• Employee autonomy and the company’s strategic objectives


CSM plans to invest €10 million over three to four years. The company raised €2 million from private investors and Bpifrance in 2016 and completed a second round of fundraising for €1.5 million in October 2017. These investments are a mark of confidence in the technical and market performance of our solutions.