Facility manager

Your job is to make sure that your building meets occupant needs on a day-to-day basis without going over your operating budget.So, what do you do when occupants are asking you for more space while management is pressuring you to keep spending under control? All too often these kinds of conflicting interests are based on impressions, beliefs. If data is available, it is generally not very reliable and is not granular enough to reflect each business unit’s individual needs.Reliable, objective, detailed, and up-to-date data can change the conversation! And it can also give you the facts you need to defend your decisions.

Our solution

Make your life on the job easier, every day! Test Transform Together for six months for a very limited budget and see the benefits for yourself:
  • Generates automated email notifications with dashboards containing the information you want (KPIs for working conditions, for example) at the frequency you choose
  • Automatically detects underused and overused spaces
  • Tracks behaviors (such as increasing use of conference rooms) so that you can keep your workspace running smoothly and keep occupants happy before a problem occurs
  • Facilitates communication with line managers and employee representatives