Chief Financial Officer

In today’s business environment, every function in the company must innovate and take steps to increase its productivity.A single workstation in the Greater Paris area costs around €10,000 per year—that’s €200 per workstation per week. Which means an improvement of just 0.3% is enough to generate a return on your investment. Not to mention benefits like increased efficiency across your organization, enhanced occupant comfort, and greater attractiveness to potential new recruits.

Our solution

  • A new property management indicator accessible to all and easy to understand by non-experts
  • A nominal cost compared to the potential gains; you get the full solution for just the cost of a single cup of coffee per workstation per week
- In the pre-project phase, you get reliable measurements for a few thousand euros.- In the project implementation phase, you get the entire solution for around 1% of the total cost of your project.- In the operation phase, you get testing and user adoption for a few thousand euros.