Human Resources Director

The way people work is changing. And, as Human Resources Director, you are on the front lines. Part of your job is to attract top candidates to your company and facilitate teamwork—and it is teamwork that makes communication, emulation, and knowledge-sharing possible.More and more employees divide their time between different workspaces depending on the task at hand. As an HR professional, how do you go beyond cubicles and overbooked conference rooms to give them workspaces that truly meet their needs? How do you even know what those needs are? And how can you make sure that employees are working efficiently?How do you communicate with other departments about these issues?

Our solution

Whether you are in the project implementation or operation stage, we can bring you a single tool to facilitate fact-based communication and effectively support change management.
  • Generates automated email notifications with dashboards containing the information you want (KPIs for working conditions, for example) at the frequency you choose
  • Facilitates communication with employees, line managers, employee representatives, and top management
  • Supports change management by allowing stakeholders from a variety of departments to base their discussions on a single, shared picture of reality, the foundation for implementing any change; when each stakeholder sees only “their” piece of the puzzle, communication is all but impossible
  • Simplifies workspace management by creating new activity-based workspaces other than conference rooms to facilitate collaboration between employees