Transform Together

IoT devices | Ultra-powerful algorithms |User-friendly dashboards

Transform Together was developed to meet the new needs of commercial buildings. The solution gathers data on how employees are using workspaces. The goals are to:Identify under- and overused workspaces to improve property management and working conditions• Provide reliable indicators to facilitate communication and decision-making so that all stakeholders can work together to build a simple, agile, digital, and collaborative future.Transform Together brings different benefits to each stage in the lifecycles of your commercial property and organizational transformation projects.• Pre-project phase: Transform Together provides factual information on current usage of square meterage.• Project implementation phase: Transform Together is a management and forecasting tool to help you get the most out of your building.• Operations phase: Transform Together measures trends to give you the data you need to plan and adapt or transform you workspaces.
Self-powering sensors installed under desks or on ceilings measure the occupancy of workstations and common areas (conference rooms, hot-desking offices, etc.).
Occupancy data is transmitted via a Sigfox low-bandwidth network. Indoor coverage guaranteed: One or more antennas are installed in electrical/equipment cabinets to cover the entire building.
Hosting is provided by a data center with the highest security certifications and a username and password must be entered to access the data.
In addition, the data is stored in an encrypted format that cannot be used by third parties. For instance, if a message sent by a sensor is intercepted by a third party, the message cannot be read without the encryption key.
Sensors are used to detect movement and collect accurate data on how workspaces are being used, with occupancy data by the hour, day, and week, the number of occupants in a room, and more. The PIR (pyroelectric passive infrared) sensors are installed throughout your workspaces, either on or under furniture or on the ceiling to achieve the optimal detection angle for the most accurate measurement possible.
  • The sensors are developed and manufactured in France :
    • Reliable, continuous measurement of occupancy
    • Tested and certified
    • Easy to implement with no additional infrastructure; can be installed in just a few hours
    • Five-year battery life
    • Can be configured remotely
    • Integrated supervision and management tools
  • Indoor coverage guaranteed by Sigfox antennas installed in the building
  • No personal data is stored
CSM brings more than 20 years of experience in property and workspace management to the development of dedicated algorithms to help you more effectively manage workspace occupancy. Our algorithms give you control over your workspaces by enabling :- Usage and allocation rules- Rules to determine when a workspace is over- or under-used- Your own personalized rules Our algorithms also power simulation and forecasting capabilities to help you plan ahead for future changes.
  • Factual information on occupancy rates (overall, by floor, by area, by type of workspace, by type of furniture, etc.)
  • Occupant behavior tracking
  • A shared vision of an objective reality
  • Data for all corporate functions (property management, working conditions, activity profiles)
Our dashboards display all information in an easy-to-understand format that can be shared with all stakeholders, facilitating decision-making and helping you plan ahead.
  • Dashboards can be generated as often as you decide, in the format of your choice and/or in SaaS mode
  • Information is selected according to user profile
  • Reports, simulations, optimizations, and benchmarks
  • A single tool to facilitate communication based on shared factual information
  • User-friendly presentation for easy-to-understand results
Occupancy scale
CSM Real Time is an easy-to-use app that lets employees see what workspaces (workstations, conference rooms, hot-desking offices) are available in real time via an intuitive interface. Your employees can quickly and easily find the workspace they need to: - Organize a meeting- Work together on a project- Find a quiet space to concentrate Plus, CSM Real Time offers an intuitive interface to get your employees up and running right away on their iOS or Android device.
A real-world solution that packs in innovative technology combined with an action-oriented methodology
A plug-and-play solution that is easy to upgrade and adapt to meet your changing needs and environment
An interoperable solution that can be integrated with your organization’s other data systems