Property Manager

As the manager of multiple commercial properties your job is to get the most out of your existing spaces today while ensuring that you continue to meet occupants’ needs in the future.

Our solution

You get everything you need to plan ahead for and manage change:
  • A fact-based picture of reality via the dashboards
  • Facilitates communication to support gradual change and facts to defend your decisions to your management, HR, and facilities
  • Benchmarking between sites belonging to the same company or between companies (with neutral vocabulary to protect anonymity)
  • Average cost €10K–€15K

In the pre-project phase

In the project implementation phase

During operation

At this stage you need metrics to determine the most appropriate project for your organization and business and to right-size your space.
You are ready to equip your workspace for the future and make sure that you can reorganize the space as your organization changes.
You have to develop workspaces because the occupants’ expectations and needs change constantly.

Our solution

Install Transform Together in your current workspace on a short-term (two week to three month) rental basis:
  • Continuous occupancy measurement
  • Insights into how employees work and the associated needs
  • User-friendly dashboards
  • For the same cost as periodic measurement (four manual measurements per day for two weeks) you get unrivalled added value

Our solution

Transform Together will give you the indicators you need to see how the use of your building will evolve in the future.
  • User-friendly dashboards
  • Purchase or long-term rental (three to five years)
  • Marginal cost compared to the total cost of your project (around 1% to 2% of your workspace remodeling and reorganization budget)

Our solution

Transform Together will give you the metrics you need to defend your decisions and track the implementation of changes to your workspaces.
  • Option 1: Implement our solution on a test basis in a smaller area of your workspace (one to three floors) that includes workstations, conference rooms, hot-desking offices, etc. (around 200 sensors).Objective: Try the solution out on a smaller area to see the benefits.
  • Option 2: Test the solution on all common areas of your workspace (conference rooms, hot-desking offices, etc.), but not on workstations.
For both options, we offer rental contracts from six months to two years, the time it takes to adopt and experiment with the solution and see the benefits.