CSM’s founders come from the real estate sector and have built up a strong network of expert partners with broad, deep knowledge of their markets.
You will therefore benefit from the involvement of experts who know your industry’s specifics and who are positioned to come up with solutions based on powerful, innovative technologies.
This network guarantees the availability, certification and durability of CSM’s service.

Industrial scale, manufacturing and after-sales support
Depending on the volumes required and the delivery location, CSM has a selection of partners poised to meet your needs.

Sigfox – Low-bandwidth network
Sigfox technology powers more than 8 million connected objects around the world, for uses ranging from predictive maintenance to asset tracking and remote crop management. Sigfox boasts a vast network of antennas in 24 countries, making it the largest IoT network in the world.
From a technical viewpoint, Sigfox is an ultra-narrow-band radio communications network offering fast data transmission speeds and long-range capabilities for M2M communications, even in remote areas.


iSwip – Hardware and software development

iSwip is an innovative startup that designs connected objects. The iSwip team has leveraged its proven experience in IT and electronics to come up with a process for creating low-cost, custom-made, connected objects. The iSwip process—which draws on a broad range of sensors to measure temperature, humidity, pressure, weight, distance, and presence— provides the design and manufacturing flexibility required by the vast majority of market applications.


Cardiweb – IoT platform, database, and apps

Cardiweb is solidly positioned on the new technology market. The company launched with multitier architecture, J2EE standards, and object development and in 2008 leveraged its strong technological foundations to move in to development technologies for smartphones and tablets, covering all major platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Windows 8). To develop these projects, the company developed a library of open source software and components. Cardiweb’s many years of implementation experience positions the company to very rapidly deliver robust, cost-effective solutions.