Successful indicators to find                                                        a balance (m2, €, quality of life)

Our Solution

A business intelligence

Analytics is a business intelligence that analyses the use of your spaces to ensure you achieve optimal management of your work environments.

High-performance indicators

Analytics provides you with indicators to achieve a balance between the performance of your spaces and the quality of life of your employees, taking into account the Financial, Property, HR criteria.

Concrete actions

All the work from our expert algorithms comes back to you in Dashboards, which is simple, quick to read and easy to understand. They identify concrete actions, you just have to implement them.



Meeting rooms

With Analytics, design your optimal meeting rooms: How many rooms, what capacity, what type for each one.


With Analytics, set the number of bubbles needed, their size, and their ideal locations.


With Analytics, define the right ratio of flexible workspace, maximise the area assigned to each group, match the rules of use with the behaviours.

Key factors of differentiation

Globally unique

Analytics is our strength. Unique on the market, it is a real tool: decision aids, communication, steering and change management.

An artificial intelligence

The result of massive investment, the Analytics artificial intelligence will give you access to reporting, prediction, simulation and optimisation tools.

Adaptable and customisable

As each company has its own culture, each business its own constraints, they are configurable, and can be automatically sent by email in PDF format by customising the recipient, content and frequency.