Advice, training, personalisation, roll-out.

Our Solution

A team dedicated to each project

A team dedicated to your project, composed of experts, developers and technicians, to handle what you will entrust to us (roll-out, installation, project management, communication to staff representative bodies, training, post-support commissioning)


As it may be new to you, we can train your teams so that they can use our tools to their full potential. Our training modules are adapted to different profiles and are supported by the relevant documentation.

Skills transfer

Our support is also a transfer of skills to your teams leading to you being fully independent.


Optimum use of our solutions

Using their wealth of experiences, our teams will ensure you gain in speed and efficiency.


We provide you with all the skills your teams need to perform their mission.

Your independence

Your independence  

Key factors of differentiation

A structured and optimal process

Our solutions have structured and optimised processes to increase simplicity and efficiency during roll-out or operation. They can be used by your teams or ours.

Real support

Real support for more simplicity and efficiency based on your needs and the objectives of your teams.

Personalised support

Our property experts, FM , HR, IT, Project Management, will adapt to fully meet your expectations.