Interoperate with sensors from other providers and interface with your information systems

Our Solution

Work with other sensors

If you use sensors from other providers (utilisation, temperature, etc.) the Connect service allows you to integrate their information into our platform.

Our sensors in your platform

Want to use our sensors but have your own platform? Connect allows you to integrate the information from our sensors into your platform.

Information system

Exchanging data between our platform and your information systems in terms of both input and and output (measurement, reference, tests results)


Several suppliers, one supervision

With Connect, you have a single monitoring platform for all your sensors.

Increase efficiency

Avoid managing information updates in multiple systems. With Connect everything becomes simple and fast. 

An open ecosystem

Because our future will be more and more collaborative, Connect will allow all your partners to reach out to you with new benefits.

Key factors of differentiation

Anticipate the future

Buy the sensors you want, with Connect we will manage their information. Everything will be possible in the future.


Whatever the future development of your information systems or sensors, our Connect service will allow you to adapt to this new context.

Maximise your choices

You can select the most suitable components of the market without challenging a long-lasting architecture.