Health and personal data
Does the Transform Together solution present health risks?

We can say with absolute certainty that Transform Together poses no risk to health.
– Detection is a passive system, so there is no emission.
Our solution uses the ISM frequency band (Industrial, Scientific and Medical), or 868 MHz, similar to that used for terrestrial television, and 99% of the time the radio is in idle mode, equivalent to the airplane mode on your mobile phone.
The sensor’s transmission power is about 100 times lower than that of a mobile phone and is comparable to that of a car remote control.
These are technologies which have more than a 50-year history and which allow us to guarantee they pose no risk to people, even if the sensor is close to their body.

Does the solution contain personal data?

No, it does not include any data on personal activity.
With assigned offices (that is, when a person occupies the same workstation every day that is personally assigned to him), we have set up a process of anonymisation. Once this process is implemented, it is impossible for the client to access the activity data at this workstation.

Can this solution monitor people?

No, monitoring is impossible since the solution does not include any personal data.

What technologies are used?

When commissioning or reconfiguring a sensor, we use NFC or BLE technology for the proximity connection between a sensor and a tablet. The same technology is used in smartphones for contactless payment.
The utilisation messages are sent via a low-speed network. We do not use WiFi.

Is your solution open? Can it interface with other systems or solutions?

Yes. We use APIs and WebSockets so that other systems can receive our data either in real time or in API Rest. Our solution can interface with any third-party solution such as, for example, a room booking tool, a digital display system, a space management tool (eg Archibus), a BIM, etc.

How is my data protected (cybersecurity)? And who can access it?

The data is hosted in a data centre with the highest level of security classification. Access to the data is controlled by login/password, with additional security rules which can be configured based on the standards used by each of our customers. 
In addition, the information contained in messages relayed by our sensors are in a format that any outside person is unable to operate without the decryption code. 

Where are the sensors and antennas positioned?

The sensors can be positioned either under false ceilings or under furniture.
The antennas are positioned in the technical rooms after a network coverage study that will allow us to define the number and location (a maximum of 1 antenna per 5,000 m² of office space).

What is your solution's ROI?

Compared to the cost of a workstation and given the benefits generated for each profile within the company, our solution is extremely advantageous. Indeed, a workstation in the Ile-de-France region costs an average of € 13,000/year (source: Workplace magazine).Our solution costs less than one coffee per week per workstation. The ROI is therefore very quick given these price differences.

What infrastructure is required to install your solution?

No infrastructure is needed to implement our solutions. This is a wireless system: no wiring needed.
Our objects are self-reliant: they just require a battery for energy. Communication is via radio via a low-speed network.

How long does it take to set up the solution?

Most of the installation is prepared in advance, in particular the configuration of sensors, as well as structuring the dashboards, based on the criteria decided together and approved by your project manager.
The only operation which takes place on your premises is the installation of sensors. For example, in a 13,000 m² office building, this operation required only 4 hours for a team of 4 people (without special qualifications) and 1 supervisor.
This operation is scheduled for evenings or weekends after employees have left.

Can a sensor be moved after installation?

This is no problem. This is performed by the people responsible for object management. For this, they use a tablet application that can move, store, or reconfigure an object as needed.


What is the lifetime of the connected objects (sensors)?

Under normal conditions of use, the lifespan is 5 years.

Are the sensors guaranteed?

Yes, in the same way as any industrialised product.

Why does a room or station remain in the occupied position for several minutes after you leave?

When you leave a room or a workstation, it can be for a relatively short period of time: to retrieve a document from the department or floor printer, ask a colleague question, take a 5 minute break at the coffee machine, etc. We regard your workstation as unavailable: that you will be back soon. This is why our mobile application shows the “busy” status for a set period of time so that nobody uses the space. This duration can be configured.

Do you also offer apps?

Yes, an app (IOS and Android) allows you to see the utilisation or availability of workspaces in real time. This is an extremely useful tool for employees who can search for a space based on their needs (be alone, share a document with colleagues, organise a meeting, etc.), and find the nearest available space quickly.

As an employee, what will your solution offer me?

Our app allows you to quickly navigate, in real time, the available spaces needed (using the same principle as Waze with a car).
With our indicator of working conditions, your company managers have a tool that allows them to offer you the expected level in terms of quality of workspace and, particularly, to monitor your needs over time and be able to change the layout when necessary.

Should we provide training in using your solution?

No, no training is necessary.
Our dashboards, just like our app, are designed to be used intuitively. Tutorials are available so you can get to know the different features and fully enjoy the wealth offered by the solution.

Are employees notified that the solution is being installed?

We recommend that the staff representative bodies and the occupants of the premises be informed of the installation and the location of the sensors. On this occasion, everyone will be reassured that our solutions pose no risk to health and contain no personal data. Our solutions will provide results that will benefit employees (improved working conditions, ease of use, efficiency)

Our characteristics:
What makes your solution different from your competitors?

We are not just a “device maker”, or a computer software company. We identify as a “value creator” by bringing original indicators to the market as well as business expertise in terms of advice and analysis.
We are a multidisciplinary team, composed of experienced specialists (in development, property, HR, R&D hardware, R&D software, big data, IoT platform).
We have a vision.
Our solution is operational and designed according to an industrialised model.
We have an investment plan of €10 M over 3 years.

What is innovative about your dashboards?

The main novelty, which is a world first, is the availability of a new indicator combining the economic management of the building and the work environment of its occupants.
This indicator is based on automatic and continuous measurements.
It makes it possible to find the right balance between managing the surface area and the needs of the occupants, between owning and sharing spaces, between employee and management autonomy.
We can also handle simpler demands, such as measuring utilisation rates. Indeed, under-occupied spaces cost a company money unnecessarily; on the other hand, overused spaces lead to a deterioration of working conditions and a loss of efficiency.

What is the difference between your indicators and the data proposed by competing systems?

The difference is essential and very easy to understand. Other solutions on the market have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • many different data per day: the result is therefore random; 
  • simple algorithms: the result is not representative;
  • only certain points of view: the results are partial;
  • no expertise: the results have no value.

With Transform Together:

  • the data is collected continuously: it is reliable;
  • our powerful algorithms handle complex calculations reproduced in a simple and efficient format;
  • we take into account all fields that influence the indicator;
  • we add collective intelligence to create value.

In the end, the various company stakeholders have a tool that gives an objective reality, which can be shared and is easily understood, but particularly a yet-to-be-matched power and wealth. This is also the result of our major investment plan (in October 2017, already more than €3 400 K invested).

How do we effectively use the data highlighted by Transform Together?

Of course, it’s not enough to collect and store data about your building.
You have to know how to handle it to create value. This is precisely the purpose of our dashboards: they are ergonomic documents which are easily understood by all (general management, HR, property management, IT, general services, employees). They make it easier to understand the operation of the building, enabling anticipation of future changes and developments, and facilitating disputes.

Are all features automatically available in the solution?

Yes, using our ultra-powerful algorithms, our solution integrates complex features making it relevant, original and valuable.
It also includes a history of events (to manage assignment, partitioning changes, etc.).It integrates the anonymisation of data (to guarantee no personal data, essential in the case of a workstation assigned to a person).
It collects all the necessary information in dashboard format to perform simulations, optimisation, benchmarks, etc. All this in a format which is simple and easy to understand.
At the design stage, we planned that all new developments would be made available to all our customers, without requiring up-grade, contract amendment or price increase. This is also the collective intelligence.

General Data Protection Regulation

When you use our applications, you agree to allow our company to collect some of your personal information. The purpose of this page is to tell you what information we collect, why, and how we use it.

Collection of Personal Data

When you want to use one of the CSM applications, we need your professional email address because the information made available by this application must be visible only to people in your company. Your professional email address is used for your login account.
Depending on the needs of your company, we can also collect the organisation to which you are assigned to more specifically target the visible information.
We do not collect any other personal data.

Identifying the person responsible for handling your personal data.

By collecting and processing your personal data for your company, it is the responsible for handling your personal data.

Purpose of handling your personal data

All personal data collected by CSM is intended to give you access to your company’s data. This data is collected during your registration using the “register” link from one of our applications

Data Retention period of your personal data

CSM undertakes to keep your personal data for a period of 2 years from your last login to one of its applications. If you do not reconnect during this time, CSM will erase all of your personal data.
Your company may also ask CSM to delete the user accounts for people who have left the company. In this case, all your personal data will be deleted when you leave the company.
Finally, you can, at any time, request deletion of your account using the “unsubscribe” link. In this case, all personal data is deleted from our applications.

Recipients of your personal data

CSM and your company are the only recipients of your personal data collected.

Technical measures to protect your personal data

In order to allow you to connect to its applications, CSM has implemented secure authentication measures. Application authentication goes through an OAuth2.0 protocol that guarantees management of a unique user code for each user, regenerated with each new connection.