Collect utilisation information and manage layout changes (partitions, furniture)

Our Solution

Sensors made in France

CSM uses a range of sensors to measure utilisation or the number of people. These sensors are adapted to each type of space (workstations, bubbles, meeting rooms, cofe etc.).

A low bandwidth network

We use the Sigfox indoor low bandwidth network to carry information from our sensors. It guarantees reliable communication with the sensors.

A supervision

Measure is also a tool for simple management of your sensors after installation (partition modification, displacement of the sensors etc.)


Understand the utilisation rate

With Measure you will understand the utilisation rate (physical presence) of your workspaces. A continuous, reliable measurement. Optimise your costs with a 5-year operating life.

Know what's available

With Measure, and the intelligence embedded in our sensor, you will know your workspace availability  (ex: if I go to take a coffee my post is physically unoccupied while being unavailable).

Management tools

Manage your layout changes (partitions, furniture) with ease, remotely from the platform or locally with our application (tablet, smartphone).

Key factors of differentiation

For all types of spaces

We have a range of sensors adapted to each type of space: workstations, meeting rooms, bubble, open spaces etc.

Best overall cost

Service at the best overall cost (purchase + roll-out + operation) and more with our many options. For example, they auto-track, no need for intervention, everything is automatically updated for ever lower operating costs.


Confirmed by all the tests during calls for tender, using our message supervision solution, the only one on the market, the data from our sensors is the most reliable.