Monitor Sensors & Manage Data

Our Solution

A powerful platform

Designed by experts, it integrates the best standards of the market (architecture, big data). Simple and economical, it combines with our other services for optimal performance.


Responding to the best security standard our platform enables integration into your architecture without any risk ! Already approved by CSM’s large customer accounts.


Interoperable with all your information systems, it will integrate into your architecture in SaaS, On premise or hybrid mode.


Optimised sensor management

With our platform, managing your sensors has never been easier. Fast and accurate supervision becomes simple for you.

Adapted to your architecture

Whatever your architecture and its development over time, our platform will integrate easily.

Maximum value creation

As it is powerful and takes into account all available data, our platform will allow you to get the most out of your data.

Key factors of differentiation

At the forefront of technology

With a technological advance at the forefront of architectures, big data, BI, our platform has little equivalent on the market.


It is constantly evolving to continuously improve its performance and simplicity.


Through Connect, our platform can manage sensors from other vendors while integrating with your existing or future information systems.