Real Time

View available spaces in real time

Our Solution


A mobile application (iOS, Android) that shows, in real time, the available spaces according to your needs.

API and Websocket

With our APIs and Websocket available, you have unlimited information in your applications, display screens, information systems, whether it is real-time information or analysis results.


A simple and easy to understand display withthe option to add other features (geolocation, pathway beacons, find other people)


Improved user experience

With Real Time, your employees will quickly find spaces which are available and adapted to their needs. This can only make them happier.

Efficiency and attractiveness

By improving the quality of life in your buildings, you improve the efficiency of your teams and the attractiveness of your company.

Maximising the use of space

With Real Time, your employees will use all available spaces. You will maximise their use.

Key factors of differentiation

Integrates with your own application

If you already have an application, use our real-time information for total efficiency.

Customisable and Configurable

Everything can be customised and configured to include your image (logo, colour code, naming, etc.) and meet the needs of your employees.

An unbeatable price

As we have developed the mobile application with our R&D budgets, we can offer you a cost which is more than competitive along with immediate implementation deadlines, safe in the knowledge you are working with the best.