Space eXperience

A comprehensive offer to support the return to the office and reinvent tomorrow’s workplace

Back to the office

Reassure & Inform

Ramp up

Manage & Control

New normal

Analyze & Reinvent

« Our building being already equipped with CSM’s solution, we were able to implement our social distancing rules and sanitary capacities and supervise them in real-time immediately

Muriel SCHNEIDER | Secrétaire Général | Grant Thornton

1|Back to the office

Reassure & Inform

Measure {real occupancy} of your workplace and display the available spaces and their sanitary status in {real time}


Measure real occupancy against defined capacity through our range of sensors adapted to each spaces


Display real time information in our mobile and web app or whith our API or display screen


Plan and confirm your presence (office, restaurant) directly with the mobile or web app

2|Ramp up

Manage & Control

{Manage and control} the correct implementation of sanitary rules on your site and optimize the FM costs through our immediately operational tools


Be notified about unsafe situations through alerts



Optimize cleaning according to the actual
use of spaces


Manage and control the correct implementation of sanitary rules through our dashboards

3|New normal

Analyze & Reinvent

Optimize your workplace {efficiency} and {agility} through our turnkey dashboards available for each type of space


Visualize and analyze occupancy data by
area, by room, by individual space


Prepare and optimize your future workplace for more efficiency and agility