User Case 4

Maximising the use of space for a European bank


The client wanted to measure the difference between the workstation requirements requested by the entities and the actual use that was made of them. Where there was a discrepancy, the client wanted to define the actions to be implemented. 

Solutions implemented

CSM rolled out all of its solutions over a pilot area of 500 workstations and associated communal areas.


A few weeks after commissioning, results showed that 30% of the workstations were never occupied. Given the importance of the gap between the demand requirements and the result displayed by CSM, the client began by carrying out extensive data quality monitoring. The client then noted the complete reliability of the measurement.

Surprised by the significant under-use of space, the client became aware of the need for a new approach to managing it. Collaborative work was then undertaken, involving the stakeholders concerned (IT, HR, Property).

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Maximising the use of space for a world leader in insurance

Maximising the use of space for a European bank

Initiating digitalisation of the working environment for a French bank