Our history, a past serving the future

Our vision, your expectations

The work environment is continually evolving. Anticipating and supporting future changes has become an issue of performance and attractiveness.

We imagine the workspaces of tomorrow, with you alongside:


Sharing information because interaction is a source of progress (Big data, Connected objects)


Fostering collaboration and collective intelligence, and sometimes isolation andconcentration (Activity Based Workplace)


Optimising the use and management of the building and improving the user experience (artificial intelligence)


Integrating transformations over time (methods of organisation and working, new generations)

Our mission, Your profits

To enable companies to combine quality of life and work environment performance

Connected objects, big data and artificial intelligence from CSM allow you to design spaces in line with your needs.

CSM innovations make the building agile so it can adapt to changes in the company and the needs of the occupants.

Our values, Our strength


Driven by the client’s passion: it is with the client and for the client that we innovate, improve, share.


Today already, and even more so tomorrow, exchanging and sharing will be sources of wealth. That’s why we develop our solutions in collaboration with our partners and clients.


Our bold vision and the change of direction we encourage our clients to take is a reflection of our “start-up” state of mind.


Working in buildings where life is good makes sense for us because the resulting desire, pride and personal satisfaction motivate our employees.

Our partners make us more efficient

Technical partners of the Occupancy Measurement module


IoT platform

IT Network

IoT platform

Technical partners of the CSM platform

Platform Architecture

Software Architecture

IT security

IT Security

Architecture and Dataviz


Business Partners