Together let’s reinvent the use of office buildings

In a constantly transforming world, the search of balance between the occupants needs, the user experience improvement and the working environment performance is permanent.

To help its clients to meet these challenges, CSM integrates Wx, a Sodexo corp-up and becomes Wx Solutions. Thus, after the creation of Wx at the end of 2017 and has become the majority shareholder of CSM in July 2019, Sodexo is accelerating its development strategy in the labor market.

Wx it’s now Wx Studio, consultant in workplace environment strategy and Wx Solutions expert in solutions for occupancy measurement, real-time information and data analysis of the workplace.

Our name changed, our mission keep the same

Allow companies to combine quality of life and workspaces performance




Wx Solutions it’s:

An international available presence and offer

The possibility of an economic model in rent

The only range of sensors on the market with wireless counting

Our solutions, the right standard 

Arriving on the market just 4 years ago, our solutions already have more than 70 clients across different countries. Over 1,000,000 Sqm now using CSM solutions.



Sqm equipped